Les Impératrices

Four to rule over all musical realms.

MAY ALL FOLKS CHEER FOR „LES IMPERATRICES“: As our empresses impress us with their regal voices raised in mighty chants, the unyielding power of womanhood resonates through all the lands.  

Stemming from the earthly realms of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and France,  „LES IMPERATRICES“ left all human borders far behind. 

Having enjoyed their common high education on the Dutch „Royal Conservatoire The Hague“, these ladies have few thoughts left for small-minded separations and genre distinctions.

„LES IMPERATRICES“ rule with love.

Sarah, as „prima inter pares“, lends the words and initial compositions to their common arrangements. The equitable sisterhood with her fellow rulers is sacred to her: „We all put something of ourselves in the music.“ Camille concurs: „When we work together, nothing is fixed. Our ideas are travelling freely.“ 

Far from high-born hubris, Sarah does not shy away from showing personal truths: be it the loss of her father, failed amorous relations, difficult family topics or other intimate details – her unyielding candor is beloved by her people. 

Our „Heads Of Elevated States“ know how to get to the hearts of their subjects: with bare, natural truth and grace.

„One day you’ll find me, and open the door“, they all sing in their first Royal Hymn, TRUST. And we want all the world to embrace the treasure bestowed upon us by „LES IMPERATRICES“.

May the strings of destiny resound aloud!

With „LES IMPERATRICES“, natural resonance is a given – as they string together their intricate compositions, the four of them fully rely upon string instruments and all their majestic vocal lines. A perfect way to bind together formerly unrelated musical landscapes to form their very own realm.

And what a free and untamed empire it is: 

On their wild rides over musical landscapes – from maqam mountains over deeply-felt jazz chord valleys to poppy fields and rocky plains – LES IMPERATRICES unite whole sonic worlds under their banner of freedom and empowerment.  

Be it Samba, Jazz, Waltz, Rock, Fusion, R&B or other formerly separate counties: Our empresses tear down borders effortlessly, in an ear-awakening blur of colors, contours and time signatures.

Oh and yes, they are on a mission: Female power shall conquer the international stages – in jazz clubs or on festivals! 

There, our four Highnesses reign supreme: On their royal tour, tantalizing and often hypnotic performances will capture the imagination of all with an open, curious heart. 

LES IMPERATRICES welcome illustrious guests on stage, as well, strumming the guitar, rolling the drums and more – and thus adding their own, ever-changing colours to our empresses’ musical banners. 

Are you ready to meet your loving and soulful serenities? LES IMPERATRICES will welcome all with open arms. VIVAT!